TWRP is amazing tool for android custom recovery.

Every android phone originally comes with basic recovery options like factory reset, clear cache partitions and etc. But these options are limited.

Note: TWRP is essential tool for SuperSU zip installation.

If you need more control on your device then custom recovery comes to your help. With the custom recovery you can install Custom ROMs, update kernels, partition your SD card, wipe device cache, fix permission & other advance controls.
Note: After rooting your device you can download and use Freedom apk and other root applications.
Using Cf auto root is easiest way to root android device. Download Cf auto root

TWRP stands – TeamWin Recovery Project.

TWRP comes with user friendly modern GUI. So you can easily install it. This app allow you to install,backup,restore & wipe your device.

There is two methods to install TWRP for your device. Before that you can download TWRP by TWRP official website.

You can download TWRP that supported to your device. Select your device form list.

List of devices that are currently supported –

Download –

First of all enable USB debug mode on your settings

Settings —> Developper Options —> USB debug

usb debug mode

First Method Method – Install via ADB

ADB (android debug bridge) is simple tool that created by XDA member snoop05

You can download it here –

Step One – Open command window inside the folder which you saved TWRP recovery img
twrp cmd open
Step Two -Connect your device to PC and Type this command on CMD.

adb reboot bootloader

This will boot your device into bootloader or fastbootmode. Sometimes it asks permission to “allow usb debugging” then allow it.

Step Three – After your device boots to bootloader mode, type this command.

fastboot flash recovery twrp-2.79.x.x-xxx.img

This TWRP.img is your TWRP Recovery image file name.

Step Four – After TWRP is flashed , type this command to reboot your device.
fastboot reboot

Install via TWRP manager

This is the easiest method. You can install it via google play. Check your device is compatible with this option.

How to Install TWRP

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