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What is root?

root means the core of your device. Granting Superuser access to root is similar to administrator of your Computer.You can do anything you want in root status.

How to install SuperSU?

Visit our main page, you can find more details about installing SuperSU

I have binary update issue

If you have already rooted your device from another software, you will face binary update issue problem. Try TWRP to flash the SuperSU zip.

Where is serial number and android number

Go to settings and about phone

What is suitable SuperSU version for my phone?

Android 2.3-4.4: SuperSU V2.74
Android 5.0-6.0: SuperSU V2.76-2.78
Android 7.0+: SuperSU V2.78 SR4

I don’t need SuperSU how to uninstall it?

If you use APK version, just drag and drop to uninstall.
If you use SuperSu.zip via TWRP recovery, just press unroot and drag to remove