Root android device is similar to access administrative privileges of windows computer. Android rooting helps to access core files of android operating system. Normally phone manufacturer or your carrier limited some features of your phone.

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For example phone comes with in built apps and services, disable to access some files, unable to change themes font or other modifications and etc. After android rooting you can have full freedom of using your phone . here we discuss Top 5 benefits of Android rooting.
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1). Boost phone speed and long battery life.
With default settings phone manufacturer or carrier added their in built apps on your phone. After rooting, you can remove those apps. It helps to stop unnecessary processes on your phone.

In addition to that in built Rom can waste your battery life. Also, you can do overclock for better performance and underclock to save battery life.

2). Ads can be block in any app.
If you familiar with game apps or eCommerce apps you have experience with annoying ads definitely. It will use your data to show up and it really bother while playing games. With android rooting you can remove these apps.

There are lot of apps to do this. Lucky Patcher is one of best.

3). Root only applications.
Some Android applications are working perfect only on rooted phones. Specially game modification tools like GameKiller, Freedom, Lucky patcher and etc.

In addition to that you can use titanium backup, keyboard manager, due mount SD widget, Samba file share, Rot call blocking LEDs, hexamob recovary pro. Titanium backup is very powerful tool for backup your phone.

4). Custom ROM Flash
This is the one of biggest benefit of android rooting. If you are not satisfied with stock android, Custom ROM is the best option. There are hundreds of custom ROMs in the market.

You can search what is suitable for your requirements. Popular names are lineage OS, Paranoid and Mini. It helps you to get better android experience. Some custom ROM improves usability, battery power, speed and many more core features that you will amazed.

5). Tweek all Android dark corners.
After root your android phone you have permission to access every single file on Android OS. So you can customize hidden features of android easily.

You can use new themes, icon packs, enhance multitasking, faster scrolling many more settings. Main benefit is keyboard layout customization. You can find many apps that supports rooted device to customize these features.

Top 5 Benefits of Android Rooting

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